ADVERTISERs’ Step-By-Step Guide

Eumundi Voice welcomes advertising from local and hinterland businesses and organisations.


Download the six-page Eumundi Voice Kit for Advertisers and Contributors  and use the interactive booking form which be printed or completed online.

EV Kit – Interactive

EV Advertising Booking form


Use the Advertising Rate Card 2020 (page 3 of the Kit) to decide which type of advertisement suits your business or organisation and would work best. Choose from a range of sizes and page locations. Choose between a dramatic front-page banner, or a half-page inside, or a small eighth page. Choose a single issue for a once-off special event, or 6 months for a regular spot (12 issues).

EV Step-by-Step for Advertisers – Download


Prepare your advertisement materials. Consider including images of your product, or place of business, your business logo, a friendly face, words to describe what you offer, contact details and prices.

You may already have a suitable advertisement prepared. In that case, you can email your materials in time for the deadline for the issue/s you want. Materials must be in high resolution PDF and in CMYK format, and in full colour. No bleed is required on any of the advert sizes.

If you don’t have an advertisement already—and need help from our graphic designer—just request this service on the Advertising Booking Form (page 5 of the Kit). Allow ample time for the work to be completed and proofed before the advertising deadlines (page 4 of the Kit).

A Directory Advert (page 3 of the Kit) it can be supplied and accepted as high res JPG file (same as a JPEG).


What is high resolution? High Res refers to the file size (number of pixels) of your materials and this determines the quality of your printed images. For an eighth of page, an image should be 1MB-1.5MB. For a half A4, 1.5MB – 2MB. For an A4 it should be 3.5MB at least. Our graphic designer can always reduce the size of photographs but cannot expand a small file.

What is PDF? This type of file format suits a graphic designer’s work.  

What is CMYX format?  CMYK refers to the four ink plates used in some colour printing: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black) to get good results on white or light-coloured paper. RGB refers to the primary colours of light, Red, Green and Blue, that are used in electronic display devices such as monitors, television screens, digital cameras and scanners.   

What is “no bleed”? Sometimes graphic designers allow for printing ink to be extended beyond the border of an advertisement, and this is trimmed after printing. For Eumundi Voice, printing is to the edge of the area for your advertisement, so there is no need to allow extra millimetres for any bleed.

 What does “full colour” mean? Sometimes publications are printed in only a few colours, for example, just blue and gold. Eumundi Voice is a full colour print, with hundreds of colours.

What is JPG and JPEG? This is the name given to the format of the file, usually it refers to photographs. JPEG and JPG are basically the same thing.


Refer to the Advertising and Content Deadline Diary (page 4 in the Kit). The closing date for your advertisement is 3pm, one week before the publication date. This allows enough time for your advertisement to be prepared by our graphic designer or positioned into the pages. It’s better if you send in your materials well before the closing date. If you are a first-time advertiser, please allow extra time to make sure your advertisement is effective, for final adjustments, proofing, and approving.


Complete the Advertising Booking Form 2020 (page 5 of the Kit).  Email the completed form, plus your advertising materials, and any specific requirements to

EV Advertisers’ Booking form – Interactive

EV Advertisers’ Booking form – Download


For new advertisers, up-front payment is due when the first advertisement booking is confirmed.

If you advertised in The Green since 1 October 2019, you will not be considered a new advertiser.

Invoices are emailed every fortnight to match each issue.

A monthly statement will be emailed requesting payment via direct deposit to

Eumundi Voice  – BSB 633 600  – ACC 176073732 within 7 days.

There is a 10% discount if advertisements are booked for 6 months (12 issues) and this will include changes in your advert if required.