Splashes of colour at North Arm

By Lily M and Miranda B

Students from North Arm State School have been learning to develop their artistic skills through the GENAS art program, which takes them through a journey of colour and creation.

The program is run by Margaret Killip, who is extremely passionate about what she does best – teaching kids a variety of artistic techniques, such as collages, water colour and acrylic painting, pastel artwork and cute clay creations.

Ms Margaret said she gets great satisfaction from seeing how proud the students are of the artwork they have created.

 “I love to see what the kids produce. I love to see their art when it’s finished. It makes me smile,” Ms Margaret said. 

GENAS stands for Growing Excellence in North Arm Students, which the art program does by extending students’ knowledge in art and creativity.

“The more they do it the more confident every child becomes,” Ms Margaret said. 

“I give the children the topic of the art and show them the techniques of how to do it and they always end up with wonderful and different creations that they are proud of.”