Students thrilled about first school camp

By Emily K and Olivia K

Students from North Arm State School are eager to pack their bags in preparation for their first school camp to Maranatha this month.

Students will take part in a three-day program which includes various activities including tree top challenges, raft building contests and bush skills tasks.

Year 4 student Jayda W said she was excited about the different activities students would be participating in. 

“I think it will be an interesting experience for all of us,” Jayda said. 

Year 4 teacher Shugi Shaneman said the trip would teach students about team building and bonding.

“It will be a really fun trip for the kids and I think they will love it,” Mr Shaneman said.

Overall, this year’s camp will be an incredible experience for both teachers and students.

Photo left to right: Olivia and Emily